Lou Pritchett- Author of Stop Paddling and Start Rocking the Boat

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"I want to compliment you on your presentation on customer relationships at our recent Executive development Program. It is clear through your experience at Procter &Gamble that you discovered the importance of customer focus long before TQM became popular."
August A. Busch III
Chairman of the Board and President,
Anheuser-Busch Companies

"Lou Pritchett's presentation to our Senior Marketing Managers had a dramatic and positive impact and led us to take our first step in realigning to move closer to the customer."
R.J. Rose, Ralston Purina Co.

"Lou Pritchett was a big hit and went that extra mile to tailor and customize his presentation to our audience!"
Edward S. Tennent Conference Program Manager, IBM

"Lou Pritchett was the star of our Summit Meeting! His inspiration regarding customer partnering was invaluable!"
Mary Teahan, Whirlpool Corporation, Argentina.


"Lou Pritchett was the highest rated in the conference not only for his motivational skills but also for his deep content. It is very rare to see such an accomplished business executive such as Lou with both content and inspiration. Most times we find successful executives with great content but low energy or great consultants with a lot of enthusiasm but low content. Lou has both, and that is what makes him different than the others. He is also a delight to work with in every which way.
Jose Salibi Neto , Managing Partner, HSM Group,
Buenos Aires

"Stimulating and challenging! Feedback has been extremely positive!"
Mats Ola Palm, Volvo Cars of North America Inc.

"An outstanding presentation. A grand slam home run! Lou's delivery, presentation, and message were exactly what our leadership group needed!"
Edmond J. Roberts, VP, Sales and Marketing,
Albany International Corp.

"Absolutely outstanding! Lou Pritchett made a significant difference in the quality and the impact of our conference."
Robert O'Dowd, VP Marketing and Sales Services, The Seagram Beverage Company

Lou's Clients:

IBM (U.S., Canada, Australia, Israel), AIG Insurance, EDS, Intel, SAP Technologies, Anheuser-Busch, Arthur Andersen, Whirlpool (U.S., Argentina, France), J.D. Power, Volvo, Chrysler, The Seagram Company, Monsanto,
Emerson Electric, Mead Paper, 3 Com, Nutrasweet, Ralston-Purina, TransAmerica, State Street Bank, First-Union Bank, Yellow Freight, Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Fisher-Price, Joseph Bank Clothing, Out Door Advertising, Air Products, Books-A-Million,
Dickie Manufacturing, LoReal, Alliant Food Service, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ambassador Cards (Hallmark Division), Tilly Endurables (Canada), Paws Inc (Jim Davis' Company: Garfield The Cat), Qualex (Kodak Division),
Nxtrend, Chevron, Exxon/Mobil








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Internal Change Requirements for Customer/
Supplier Partnering

Top Management Must Lead

Old Paradigms Must Be Abandoned

Reward-Recognition Systems Must be Changed

Functional Loyalty Must Be the Corporate Mission

Teams Must Be Created