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On Management & People

1)Most corporations hire people for their strengths and then spend all their training resources against their weaknesses.

2)Corporations also spend 90% of their training effort teaching "product knowledge" when what is needed most is "customer knowledge"

3)You can reach 100% customer satisfaction only when you have reached 100% employee satisfaction.

4)You cannot be a great customer company unless you are a great people company.

5)Before you blame your people, consider that most of them are experts within a lousy system.

6)One of the best kept secrets is that the people at the bottom of the company know precisely where the problems are.

7)The primary job of sales is to represent the customer to the company, not the other way around.

8)The worst problem for any manager is not knowing he or she has a problem.

9)Most corporate problems stem from management insecurity. What management should be doing is striving to work themselves out of a job.

10)It is a sad fact that the managers of the old are usually the opponents of the new and that bottlenecks are always near the top of the bottle.

11)Success really nets down to taking care of employees and customers better than your competitors.

12)Management needs to understand a simple truth about human beings; they do not get up in the morning and decide to screw up at work that day.

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More Tips for Those Who Must Lead

Concentrate more on making things happen than on reporting what has happened.

Accept that when your organization's internal rate of change is slower than the external rate of change, disaster is imminent.

Challenge the status quo with innovative approaches. Focus on doing the right things instead of on just doing things right.

Realize that the acceptance of fresh, new ideas is a form of creativity. Be creative.

Forge a psychological contract with your people, realizing that the more they care about the enterprise, the more they will share all thier abilities with it.