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Litmus Test for Leaders

1.I believe that nothing will work as well without me as it will with me
( )true ( )false

2.I fail to capitalize on all of my resources-superiors, peers, subordinates
( )true ( )false

3.I resist change and assume the future will merely be an extension of the past
( )true ( )false

4.I fail to realize that people are the main resource in any enterprise
( )true ( )false

5.I attempt to overcome all objections before trying something new or different
( )true ( )false

6.I am unable to provide feedback
( )true ( )false

7.I fail to realize that trust, like capital, is a resource, mandatory for system optimization
( )true ( )false

8.I am unable to either lead or follow
( )true ( )false

9.I discourage others from telling the truth
( )true ( )false

10.I believe that for me to win, others must lose
( )true ( )false

11.I am unwilling to admit that what I said yesterday was wrong
( )true ( )false

12.I am unable to listen and learn
( )true ( )false

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More Principles to Guide Change

Play to win with
adequate resources


Take a total system view
avoid fixing the pieces


Balance pre-planning
with learn as you go


Measure results-
what gets tracked gets done


Different situations require
different solutions

Recognize the human
dimensions of change

Accept that process change
is a continuous process

Communicate internally and externally