Lou Pritchett- Author of Stop Paddling and Start Rocking the Boat

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1) How to create the internal change required for external excellence.

2) How to change from being product focused to customer focused.

3) How to get, treat, and keep customers.

4) How to capitalize on information technology.

5) How to capitalize on the most unique part of the system----people.

6) How to increase productivity through reorganizing current structure.

7) How to create teams that work.

8) How to align systems and processes with customers and suppliers.

9) How to redesign internal reward recognition systems to reinforce desired behavior.

10) How to drive cost out of the system.

11) How to communicate laterally as well as vertically.

12) How to abolish functional fifedoms.

13) How to value ideas more than process.

14) How to transform VS. reform.

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More Tips for Those Who Must Lead

Create an atmosphere of trust. Trust your customers, trust your suppliers, trust your people, trust your peers, trust your superiors, trust your company, and trust yourself.

Most importantly, believe in something! Stand for something.