Lou Pritchett- Author of Stop Paddling and Start Rocking the Boat

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Lou Pritchett rose from soap salesman to Vice-President, Sales and Customer Development for Procter and Gamble and over the course of 36 years, made corporate history as an "Agent of Change" at P&G. He stood at the vanguard of corporate futurists to challenge a hidebound corporate giant to face the future by creating the future, thus ensuring its continuing role as one of America's great corporate success stories.

It was Lou Pritchett who, in 1987, boldly engineered an adventuresome partnership between two corporate titans. Lou Pritchett talked Sam Walton, the founder and chairman of Wal-Mart, into getting into a canoe to ride the rapids of the South Fork of the Spring River in Arkansas. By the end of that white water ride, these two visionaries had agreed to change the way America did business. In 1989, Lou retired from his post at P&G to spread the Gospel of Change.

Since retirement from P&G, Lou Pritchett has become one of America's most popular speakers on customer partnering, change management and the growing importance of the human factor in the tidal wave of 21st century technology. His presentations, always delivered with humor and enthusiasm, have inspired long established Fortune 500 companies and upstart entrepreneurs alike. He has brought his message of corporate success to companies throughout the USA and around the world... big and small, old and new, to those making five million and those making 50 billion, to companies that have been around 100 days and those that have survived 100 years. Those companies had affiliated organizations and all have learned from Lou Pritchett how to survive and succeed by leading change in an unforgiving world of global economic revolution.

Talk about global experience! During Lou Pritchett's 36 year career with Procter & Gamble he served as President of the company in the Philippines and as Corporate Vice President of World Sales where he worked in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, India, Middle East, North and South America. It was this global experience with customers and suppliers that led to P&G's legendary multi-billion dollar partnering relationship with Sam Walton and Wal-Mart.


Partnering, a Definition

"Partnering, where vendor and
retailer working together,
create, anticipate and
deliver product, concepts,
and solutions far beyond
consumer expectations."

Lou Pritchett



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Requirements for
Leading Change

Have a clear vision


Accept uncertainty
as normal


Insure that organizational
goals are clear
and explicit


Establish specific


Establish a fool-proof two-way
communication process


Engage as many people
as possible


Obtain total commitment
from all key players
to the change process